If you haven’t seen an episode of Fixer Upper on HGTV (or Netflix) then you are missing out. Chip and Joanna Gaines are the most precious talented married power couple like ever. And they are Texans. Specifically, Waco-ans. And Waco is a thirty minute drive from Hillsboro. The Gaines have built this sort of magical interior design wonderland in Waco that includes a shop, a food truck yard, a garden, a bakery, and probably more. It’s kind of hilarious and wonderful that they have turned Waco from a random college town that you drive through on your way between Dallas and Austin into a vacation destination for anyone who’s ever opened Pinterest.

Andy and I really look up to them for a lot of reasons ranging from their talent in home design and renovation, their prowess in starting up and running a huge business together, the way they have built the foundation of their family on God, and how they are so genuine and hilarious and laughing all the way through everything.

Walking into their shop felt like walking into one of their beautiful renovated homes we’ve seen on television. Every corner and wall had something new to be inspired by. We left with just a cupcake each and a little faux sprig of magnolia to hang in our office and be inspired by daily.


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