“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect”-Alan Cohen


My name is Karissa. I am an artist, and like most have struggled with finding a creative outlet that feels fulfilling and worthwhile. I tend to jump from thing to thing and project to project and idea to idea, not really sure of what I am looking for and consequently not finding it. This blog will be my source of accountability and exploration documentation, a place for me to write down my thoughts and display my projects, successful or otherwise. A creative journal in a sense, to document my journey and progress, whether it be in design, music, travel, videography, fitness, or some other path I inexplicably start down.

My dear partner Andy will be joining me in this journey, as our paths, dreams, and goals are entwined. He is on a creative journey as well, and neither of us would get much of anywhere without the other.

I hope to create something wonderful here that I can look back on and find inspiration, and inspire others as well.




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