SO this summer was kind of a wreck for reading + blogging. I won’t say I failed, but I could do immeasurably better.

I haven’t finished Jane Eyre. My entire book club (my mother, sister, and myself) have all agreed that we are going to take our time with it, rather than try to cram it in a month (or three…). It’s a BIG book. I’m still working on it, but I’m going to do alongside other reads.

My sister recommended The Martian to me. She sat down and read it in ONE day, and then lent it to me. So for August, I am going to get back into Book Club by trying to knock this one out! I’ve seen the movie, but one chapter in and I’m not worried about it not being enjoyable. This story has amazing voice and I’m really looking forward to the novel version.

Happy Reading!

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