Hi everyone, happy April! April is a big month for me. It’s the month I vowed to begin taking my blogging a little more seriously, for one. I’m going to actually post regularly and tell my friends and family of its existence. Huge, I know.

It’s also the start of something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile now, which is start my own book club! I’ve been a part of two book clubs now in the past, which always start out so enthusiastically and are amazing but sadly kinda just fall apart after a few months. That is totally not going to happen with this one!

Reading is such a perfect pastime, when I was younger you couldn’t pry my current read out of my hands. Literally, look at this photo of me and my siblings that my mom found just yesterday (thanks mom!).

I’m the one with the book.

But sadly since I’ve become “an adult” I find it more difficult to make time for reading! Andy and I have both gotten much better about this in recent months, which has caused me to become inspired about creating my own book club. My goal is to read ONE book a month, and post about it here in hopes that other interested folks might join me. Because almost everything is more fun in groups, right?

So for my first month, I’ve chosen “Yes Please” by Leslie Knope. I mean Amy Poehler. It’s been on my shelf for OVER A YEAR now and I haven’t even opened it!! See what I mean?! Things need to change.

On the first Monday of each month we are going to do this again, so, get it done!


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