Happy May! This is the ONLY time the first of the month falls on a Monday this year, so let’s try to enjoy it.

I read “Yes Please” by Amy Poehler last month, and I wish I could say I loved it more than I actually did. I’ve heard only great things about the book, and I personally have had it on my shelf and on my to-read list for over a year now. But, I think it was only ok. Enjoyable but not particularly memorable. I certainly wouldn’t read it again. I searched around a bit after I finished reading it to see what other people thought, and it seems to be more enjoyable if you listen to the audio version of it, which I can certainly understand. The physical book itself is really pretty though with tons of photos and graphic visuals all throughout, which I always really appreciate and enjoy. The book is divided into three parts, and each part is filled with stories that support that part’s theme. “SAY whatever you want”, “DO whatever you like”, and “BE whoever you are”. So it’s written in a bit random order and doesn’t really follow the typical autobiography flow, but most of the stories are charming and it’s filled with a lot of girl-power motivation stuff, which is always fun to read.

For May, I want to read something a little more story driven, and something that has ALSO been on my shelf for too long just waiting to be read.

Jane Eyre (or for you Kindle readers >> Jane Eyre )

Here we go! Cheers!

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