The Loft | Downstairs Reveal

I hesitate to say this, since I know it is one of those projects that never truly will be, but the downstairs area of The Loft, for our purposes, is DONE.

And by done, I guess I mean it finally really feels like home. A home we can have our friends and family over to. A home where we can feel safe and inspired and comfortable. Yes, there are some design and decor ideas still buzzing around my brain, but those will all just be little sweeteners on top of this monster of a project.

The Loft | Hallway + Bathroom Progress

After months of delay and pretending it wasn’t all that bad, Andy and I finally drew up a plan of action and attacked our hallway and bathroom situation. The hallway had just become a messy storage closet that you had to walk through to reach the bathroom or the bedroom. There was this strange crawl space at the top of the stairs leading to the bedroom that was serving as spontaneous storage for paint buckets and trays. The bathroom ceiling was only ever halfway thought out, with a single sad bulb dangling from the center that cast magnificent shadows in every corner, making it impossible to shave your legs in the shower or apply makeup at the mirror. The plumbing pipes were completely exposed in the corner, over which I had hung a curtain as a temporary fix (last summer….). And perhaps worst of all, the original wood flooring was not dark brown as I had assumed. It was just dirty.


We’ve made quite a lot of progress in only a couple of days! We are trying to get everything done before our Engagement Party which we are hosting very soon, so that is serving as some much needed motivation to keep our booties moving.


The Warehouse | Staining the Bar

There are three final hurdles left standing between us and the finish line of the warehouse renovations. Staining the bar, cleaning the brick walls, and painting the floor. This week, we crossed off both the BAR and the WALLS and were rewarded with a beautiful sunset.

The end is nigh.

The Warehouse Renovations | New Lighting

We knew that updating the light fixtures and cleaning up the fan situation was going to be one of the biggest visual improvements, but hot damn guys. In all honesty Andy should be writing this post because that boy can rewire some electrical. I don’t even know what he did or how, but he converted all the ancient original wiring over to be compatible with our modern light fixtures with LED vintage style bulbs and installed them to be programmable to a remote control. And then he programmed them to that remote control and now we can turn them on or off in pairs at the click of a button. What. If anyone has any questions on to how exactly this was done please ask and we will be happy to provide more details!! We also pulled down all the outdated ceiling fans and left just the (what we think are original) minimalist ones up, and put up a really wonderful Edison bulb chandelier over the bar. We later replaced the bulbs that came with this guy with some really rad LED options from here and here. **

Also very handy helpers —

Electrical Tape
Wire Cutters
Voltage Detector

The little remote control outlets are a bit of an eyesore. We plan on solving this in the future by simply purchasing larger bases for each fixture and tucking them inside. However for the time being, we don’t think they draw too much attention to themselves and will be movin’ on to the next task!

** See also: we love you Amazon.


The Warehouse Renovations | Painting the Ballroom

This was a huge week. And its huge partly because it only took a week. The ballroom has been painted WHITE and it is glorious. The whole place just feels much cleaner and brighter. Getting rid of the mismatched browns did wonders for bringing it all together. Our contractors also did a lot of touch up and clean up work on the woodwork around the restrooms and staircase for us as they went, which was a huge improvement. The before and after pictures are already impressive and we haven’t even touched the lighting or floor yet.


The Ranch Renovations | Interior Paint Job

The Ranch is one of our other venues that we are managing, and like The Warehouse has a lot of potential to be really lovely. We have a lot of great ideas that we want to execute out there, but aren’t going to even start until The Warehouse and The Loft are wrapped up. For budgetary and sanity reasons.

We did however, take a couple of days to give the inside a fresh paint job to brighten it up in the meantime until we can spend some real time out there. A little bit of paint can go a long way in the aesthetics of a place!

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