One of my most favorite things on the entire planet is themes.

I love hosting and attending parties. But if that party has a flippin’ THEME tied to it and I get downright giddy.

So one of the reasons I love the fall + holiday season so much is there are so many go-to themes all over the place. For Halloween, I decided it would be fun to bring a themed cocktail over to my parent’s house for a little girly get-together with my mom and sister. We baked, we watched Pride + Prejudice + Zombies, and we drank Black Widows !! Scary!

Actually, it was probably the least scary Halloween gathering in recorded history and it was perfect because I don’t do scary. Ever.

These took a bit longer to make than I anticipated because I had to cook and strain and mush all the blackberries, so I would recommend doing this step prior (maybe the night before?) to when you want to actually make them. But they are delicious and not too sweet and not too scary.


2 quarts of fresh blackberries (like 5 standard boxes at the grocery store)
Optional – Simple Syrup



Step 1: Boil most of those berries! Rinse them off and place in a saucepan with some water. Save a few for garnishing / snacking on when getting bored of waiting on the others to boil. After they are boiling, let them simmer until they get nice and soft, then place in a mesh strainer and squeeze all of the juice out of them (make sure you’ve got a bowl under the strainer, we want the juice not the crushed berries!)

Step 2: Fill a glass of your choice with the juice and ice, one (or two ;D) shots of vodka and stir. You can choose to add a shot of simple syrup as well if you prefer a sweeter sip, but I found the natural blackberry sweetness to be just right.

Step 3: Skewer a couple berries with a toothpick, lay across the top of your glass for garnish, and then go mingle with your new spooky beverage!

See? So easy.


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