Earlier this spring Andy and I discovered a passion for mixology that cannot be tamed. We love learning new things and the knowledge around the world of crafting cocktails is seemingly infinite! We are still barely scraping the surface of possibility, but what really inspired us was inventing a cocktail of our very own that we kept making all summer and is still one of our faves.

Our signature beverage was born of attempting to make a recipe we found online, getting confused at how many ounces a shot glass held, and failing miserably. So we threw away the instructions, started improvising, and shazam! The KandyCumber-Spice was born. All the best things in life kinda happen that way, right? And even better, today I’ve decided to share the resulting product on the blog.

So there’s not really anything complicated about this beauty, and you can control the spice level pretty easily too.

What you need:
Sweetened lime juice
Ginger ale
Cocktail shaker + basic accessories

What you do:
Put one shot of sweetened lime juice in your cocktail shaker, one and a half shots of vodka, and a handful of ice. Slice two wheels off your cucumber and put those in there, and two little wheels off your jalapeño too (Spice Level: Low — Remove all the little seeds outta the jalapeño slices before putting in the shaker). Then shake up! Fill a whisky glass with new ice, and strain the mixture from the shaker into it (Spice Level: Just Right Spicy — let some of the seeds pour into your drinking glass). Then pluck your veggies from the shaker and toss into your glass. Top with ginger ale and more ice to taste, and I typically add a third cucumber wheel on the rim for garnish, then stir it all together and enjoy!

(Spice Level: Burn Your Lips Off — double the amount of jalapeño wheels and let all the seeds pour into your glass…. At your own risk🔥)

Our favorite spice level? Just Right Spicy.



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