I think a lot of women (and men) in the world can relate to being totally enthralled with Daenerys Targaryen. She is such a badass. She has dragons. She’s a total babe. I can’t even articulate how much I love this character, so I won’t bother. She’s just the best.

I dressed up as her for Halloween a few years ago, and it was, to say the least, not my best effort. I won’t even post a photo, although they do exist on the internet somewhere. Fast forward to 2017, and I have learned how to style and take photographs and most importantly SEW. Coming off the euphoric I-didnt-think-I-could-love-the-mother-of-dragons-anymore-than-I-already-did-but-hot-damn high that was Season 7, I immediately knew the time had come for me to give a Khaleesi costume another go.

Naturally, I went straight to Amazon. I browsed the wigs that were available, and finally settled on THIS ONE for a few reasons: it was less than $20, it was Amazon Prime (and I need all my things RIGHT MEOW), and a few reviewers had posted photos of using it for Daenerys Targaryen costumes and it looked pretty good. It arrived in a nice box and was suupperr long and thick, which were my two main hopes! After playing with and styling it for a couple hours, I ended up with the most perfect season 7 Daenerys Targaryen wig imaginable. And I’m here to share it with you!

These are the images I used for reference:

I think the most important thing to notice is there are two braids on each side that start at her hairline and go to the back of her head. From there, they wrap around each other and gather at the base of her head to form a low loose ponytail. Easy enough! Although this hairstyle looks very complicated, it’s actually quite forgiving. A winding mess of braids is going to look great even if it’s not an exact replica of what Daenerys is rocking.


This Wig
10 Pound Tape
Styrofoam Wig Head
Blonde Bobby Pins
Spray Bottle
Hair Tie
Hair Scissors

Firstly, I used ten-pound tape to stick a styrofoam mannequin head to one of my barstools. This enabled me to be able to work 360 degrees around the wig without it falling over, and for the full length of the hair to hang freely (thanks Andy for the brilliant idea! Also for bringing me a studio light.). The first step I did was to take out the four little braids that the wig came with, and to change the part from straight down the middle to off to the side. This immediately helped give it some more body and to already look more realistic. When working with this wig, be very gentle and take your time. It tangles easily and you are going to need to divide it in lots of sections as you’re making your braids.

I then divided out 2 sections on each side, and pinned them to the back of the head. I made sure to leave out a couple sections of tendrils for the pieces that remain pulled over the shoulders. We will cut these later!

The part looked a little funky initially, so I used a fine toothed comb to GENTLY brush and tug these hairs together to fall together better and look more natural. Do this at any point where you need the hairs to fill in better.

At this point I noticed in one of the reference images that she has a small braid wrapped around one of the large main braids, so I went ahead a made both of those first. Then I went to the other side and made the first main braid on that side.

Then make the secondary braids on both sides!

Make sure to braid the hair down as far as you can go on each one, we are going to use every bit of these in the styling. Use a spray bottle filled with water to help tame any poofy or frizzy bits as you go.

I gently teased the top of the head a bit to build up some body and help cover the netting underneath that had started to expose. I added a bobby pin here to hold the hair pushed up! ( I only had black on hand so gave myself the extra hurdle of making sure these were all totally covered afterward. I highly recommend getting blonde ones if you don’t already have!)

After that looked good, I began wrapping the braids around the back of the head. Do the top two first, and then the secondary two. Go bobby pin crazy here to hold them exactly where you want them! And here’s where you can get creative with it. Don’t worry about trying to pin them in any exact spot. As you can see, it’s already looking awesome!

Once you’ve got all four braids wrapped and pinned, make a low ponytail with all the loose hair still remaining. Don’t include the braids in the ponytail! Next, wrap the end of the braids around the base of the pony to cover up the hair tie and finish out the design.

Ta da! This is what mine looked like at this point. Getting super close!

Since I used black bobby pins, I went around the whole wig here and did some touching up to hide them. This is also a good point to gently tug at some of the braids link by link to add some volume to them. You should also take out the ends of the braids that made it into the ponytail so they blend in.

And here is the (mostly) finished look! The last thing I did was put the wig on, pull the bangs over my shoulders, and cut them shorter. Hers fall just above her bust, so just cut off at that point on yours. Make sure to cut them at an angle so they don’t have that chopped-even look.

I’m so thrilled with how this wig turned out. I highly HIGHLY recommend purchasing this wig for a Daenerys Targaryen costume. It is very easily manipulated, and absolutely the perfect length and color. I want to wear it everywhere!

If you have this wig on, you will unmistakably be the Breaker of Chains. However, if you’d like more information on how I made my entire costume, I will be posting an in depth post about that tomorrow!

Now put your new glorious wig on and go about defending your claim for the Iron Throne. Dracarys!



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