Moving is always simultaneously sooo fun and sooo not. When you add in the fact that our new space has no walls, closets, or counters, that feeling pretty much quadruples.

A blank canvas can often be intimidating and off-putting to an artist, and we are literally living in ours. “Where the heck do we start?” we asked ourselves. The answer was: air conditioning.

We spent a few days laying around in sweaty sadness before we got our air conditioner installed and our thermal curtains up, and life has improved dramatically. We’ve got all the bricks painted mostly white while still allowing the natural texture to show through, and we painted and gloss coated the entire floor a dark grey. We’ve got a fridge, a stove, some temporary fold-y tables popped up around the place, our mattress in the floor, our work computers hooked up in the corner, and Netflix set up on the tv. So pretty much, we’re good for awhile.

We are party people, however. And not the basic kind of party people. We like class, we like themes, we like classic etiquette, and we like style. If we are ever going to be able to play the host and hostess again, we need to get our booties in gear. Plus, we spend the majority of our time in our home. It’s not just our living space, but our play space, and our work space, our creative space and relaxation space. The walls need to reflect and embody a creatively stimulating yet intimate and inviting environment. As daunting as this task may be, it is also my faaaavorite favorite part. Making this beautiful space truly and uniquely ours.

Challenge accepted.

I’ve gathered here some of my favorite interiors as inspiration, as well as some dream pieces that I would love to replicate or showcase in my loft. I don’t think either one of us have ever bought actual real furniture, we are still rockin’ hand-me-downs and college era pieces (shame, shame, shame…). We’re going for a Cozy Cottage meets Industrial Warehouse, if that can be a thing. Let’s make it happen!

Go team!



End Table:
Entry Bench:

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