For my first cocktail recipe on the blog I’m going to share the EASIEST drink to make EVER.


All you need is a bottle of your favorite red wine, and a few lemons. I used red rosė specifically to make good use of a pun, but I can’t imagine you can go wrong with any type.


So step one: freeze a few ice cube trays full of your wine of choice. I left mine overnight to ensure they were good and frozen.

Step two: throw a tray full into a blender, and squeeze about half a large lemon in with it.


Step three: BLEND!

Step four: pour into a glass, top with lemon wheel for garnish, and enjoy!

Seriously, so easy, and so good. You can’t go wrong! And, there is unlimited mods you can do on this thing.

Has anyone tried a different combo of wine and fruit? I’d love to hear about it!

cocktail-redfroze-28cocktail-redfroze-10 cocktail-redfroze-43

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