Guys, it happened. Andy and I took our first ever road trip with Roameo.

I planned a secret road trip for Andy’s birthday. He knew we were going on a trip, just not where. I THOUGHT I could finish Roameo by myself too, in secret, when we live and work and spend every second together, and Roameo was currently located 55 minutes away at my parent’s property. Silly.

So we finished him together, and planned a time frame for a birthday trip, and I got to choose our route and itinerary in secret as a surprise. I love surprises!

Roameo has been sittin’ for awhiiiiile guys. Like, since pretty much the failed Nashville expedition. Even though that wasn’t technically Roameo’s fault (by the way, it was the CAR’S, it overheated because the transmission was gunky even though we paid like three different professionals to assure us it wasn’t gunky and then my dad was like um yeah this is your problem it’s all gunky), the wind was still super knocked out of our sails after that.

But in true Kandy fashion, WE RALLIED.

I would say we are a solid 90% done with this lovely tin box of ours. And Nala the Nissan has been de-gunkified and freshened up and is a new beast. We finished inserting the insulation, nailing up all the walls, laying down the vinyl flooring, re-attaching cabinet doors, re-installing the benches in the front, installing a new futon bed frame in the back, putting a fresh coat of white paint over everything on the inside, taping off our design and painting the OUTSIDE, installing most of the trim on the inside (missing a few pieces still), perfecting our plumbing and grey + black tank drains, tidying up some electrical, hanging up all the curtains on all the windows, and pressure washing the outside from where it’s been sitting under a tree for seven months (remember at the beginning when I said I had originally thought I could do all this in secret on my own?….).

Then came the fun part. Packing in cushions and pillows and throw blankets and pots and pans and card games and wine bottles and snacks and dog toys and rugs. I think I was ugly crying the entire time I was doing this. I thought that at any moment I would snap out of this vivid daydream and be back to sitting on the ground covered in dirt while haphazardly trying to scrap old glue off of tin panels and trying not to wound myself. But it didn’t happen, of course. We were really at this stage. We had really made it. We were really sitting at the benches with a temporary fold out table in between us laughing maniacally.

My mom and dad helped us out so much to push Roameo over the finish line. They let us keep him on their property since we moved out of Dallas, for one. They went on supplies runs for us so Andy and I could keep our heads down working, they surprised us by finishing all the green spray paint while we were gone one day after taping off the design, and most importantly they provided unrelenting moral support, and we are both so grateful.

As I said, he isn’t 100% yet, but he is dang close, and definitely good enough to take out on the road! Pretty much all that is left on our list is interior cosmetic things, like finishing up the trim and the kitchen cabinets, which we are going to jump right on and tackle next…. maybe right after we take a much deserved victory lap up north somewhere 😉



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