I love baking, I love sweets, I love styling food, and somehow I have NEVER baked a pie! I’ve been so inspired by the super creative things people do with them, that I finally ordered a set of leaf-shaped cookie cutters from Amazon and tried my hand at it. I just made a few basic pies, and then got creative with the crust. I looked up a tutorial of how to do the weave style, and free-styled the rest. The best part is that it was WAY easier than it looks. If you know how to braid hair, then you know how to braid a pie crust. Just be gentle with the dough so it doesn’t tear, and then brush an egg glaze over the entire thing to make it shiny and tasty looking. They may look too pretty to eat, but trust me, they aren’t ;D

First up, I made a classic Apple Pie!

I am not a baker and this is not a food blog, and this is amazing. You literally just add water, and you have dough. AND it tastes awesome!

Don’t worry about ugly pinched bits, just cover them up with leaves!

Next, a Bourbon Pecan Pie in which I added way too much bourbon. A little goes a long way, guys.



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