After months of delay and pretending it wasn’t all that bad, Andy and I finally drew up a plan of action and attacked our hallway and bathroom situation. The hallway had just become a messy storage closet that you had to walk through to reach the bathroom or the bedroom. There was this strange crawl space at the top of the stairs leading to the bedroom that was serving as spontaneous storage for paint buckets and trays. The bathroom ceiling was only ever halfway thought out, with a single sad bulb dangling from the center that cast magnificent shadows in every corner, making it impossible to shave your legs in the shower or apply makeup at the mirror. The plumbing pipes were completely exposed in the corner, over which I had hung a curtain as a temporary fix (last summer….). And perhaps worst of all, the original wood flooring was not dark brown as I had assumed. It was just dirty.


We’ve made quite a lot of progress in only a couple of days! We are trying to get everything done before our Engagement Party which we are hosting very soon, so that is serving as some much needed motivation to keep our booties moving.


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