Our Loft is one room that has a cute little staircase that leads up into a giant terrifying stuff-filled space that forcibly reminds me of The Room of Requirement from Harry Potter. And not the cute Defense Against the Dark Arts training room version but the one where thousands of lost and forgotten items with tragic and ominous backstories go. I tried making a Room of Requirement joke to Andy but the poor soul hasn’t read the books (I know.) and didn’t really get it. He tried valiantly though for a while and kept accidentally calling it the Room of Secrets. As I grew tired of correcting him I simultaneously grew fond of the name, and so the Room of Secrets stuck.

In the daylight, the Room of Secrets is pretty cool. Of a night time though, its not the most fun. And to reach our bathroom you must go up the stairs and cross through it. At night, with only a shaky phone screen light for visibility. So consequently one of our very first projects for the Loft was to build a wall that enclosed our Loft entrance and the bathroom together into a little hallway, closed off from the Room of Secrets.

And its wonderful! A little thing that goes a long way. We still need to texture and paint, but for now at least our space feels more complete and secure.

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