The Loft is starting to really look fly, ya’ll.

We did this weird thing three months after moving and UNPACKED. I know. Shockingly, placing our art and photos and furniture around the Loft made it feel more like home. Who would have guessed? We also built kitchen counters and office desk space out of plywood and gas pipes, so now we have surfaces to actual put things on!

We took a vow with one another to take this week and really kick the Loft’s bootie, and it made a huuuuge difference. We painted EVERYTHING we’ve had on our “paint one day” list. The front door, the staircase that leads up into the hallway, the bathroom door, the bathroom vanity, the list goes on. We cleaned out the upstairs, painted the walls and the floor, hung up curtains, and moved our bed, dresser, and clothing rack up there. We now sleep in a different area than the one we cook, work, and entertain in. And IT’S AMAZING.

Living and working in one space is one thing. SLEEPING, living, and working in one space is another. It’s so important to create different spaces for different purposes. We would be trying to work but just staring at our bed in the corner wishing for sleep. Or laying in bed trying to sleep and our minds were racing around our office five feet away. Now, our minds and energy are much happier with the separation of environment, and we are more productive and zen all across the board.

Celebrate the little things, guys. And the big things.




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