Andy and I are not just renovating our loft that we are living in, but also a giant industrial warehouse building that is being used as an event venue. We are going to keep using it as an event venue, but we have a looooongg list of master plans that we are going to execute to transform this baby into this new vision that we have for it. It includes a lot of white paint and modern light fixtures, but we have long road to walk down first before we get to the pretty stuff.

We made a list of everything that we want to do to the place, and then reordered it in terms of priority and logical steps. Like, before we can paint the backroom, we need to clean it out and divide it up with some with new walls. As much as Andy and I love to DIY everything even if we don’t know how the heck to do it, even we could admit that this project was way too big to take on alone. One day we quite randomly ran into a married couple who are essentially freelance construction and hit it off immediately. They had availability and enthusiasm and were happy to work with us within our limited budget.

Here are some fun “before” pictures to try to convey the size of our undertaking.

And so it begins.







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