Before I started started this blog, I kept a journal about some of Andy and I’s adventures whenever I felt inspired. The majority of those writings are centered around our travels and our experience with renovating a travel trailer from the ground up. I was reading through some of these old entries and thought it would be fun to do a series throwing back to those moments and highlighting some of the drama that unfolded during that time. Roameo is such a huge part of Andy and I’s story, and everyone likes prequels, right?



June 1st, 2015

Andy and I spent several weeks browsing Craigslist’s travel trailer section, pouring over tons and tons of advertisements in search of the right one. We knew when we had finally done it when we kept coming back and back to the same one, and at long last set up a meeting with the owner. We had to trek almost two hours north to reach the guy’s property, driving a friend’s car due to the fact that neither one of our vehicles have any sort of towing capacity (yes, we know the whole deal about putting the cart before the horse…). To say we were P U M P E D would be an understatement. For all the talking we did on the long drive up about not purchasing it unless it was perfect, I think we both subconsciously knew we were takin’ that bad boy with us no matter what. And to our credit, it looked outstanding when we finally got to meet it! Just needed some scrubbing down and a paint job, and he should be good as new (LOL)!

We hooked the little guy up, high fived the (previous!) owner, and were off on our merry way. And all was well for the majority of the trip. Andy and I were bubbling with excitement over all the adventures we would soon embark on with our new treasure, exchanging ideas and possibilities. And adventure certainly did strike! We had almost reached our exit on the highway when one of the tires blew out on the back of the trailer, and the Mission Impossible theme song started playing. Of course we had to merge over about three lanes to get off the highway, and our tail lights on the trailer were completely out and useless (ahem..) so our blinker was not helping.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a truck came up behind us, put its hazards on, and began guiding us slowly across the lanes of traffic and safely off the highway. We were so relieved and filled with gratitude for these strangers, and expected them to continue on their way once we made it off. But instead, they followed us completely off onto the access road and pulled up behind where we had come to a stop on the shoulder. Three men then proceeded to leap out of the truck carrying tools and changed out our busted tire for the spare! Andy and I just stood there in awe. We are pretty confident that they must have been a pit crew with NASCAR, the whole thing was done in less than three minutes. We didn’t even know what to do or say except gush our thanks on them. They brushed us off and said they were just excited to try out the new jack they had recently bought, got back in their truck, sped away, and left us standing on the side of the highway before we even knew what happened. Talk about a MIRACLE. In that moment we knew we had made an amazing decision purchasing this trailer, and that this was only the very, very beginning of our adventures to come.


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