June 2nd, 2015

The first night that we had Roameo home, we were so thrilled to begin cleaning him out we got started right away! We thought he just needed a thorough scrub down, a fresh paint job, couple new tires, and he’d be good as new! Unfortunately, as so many travel trailer renovators have said before us, it turned out to be wwwwaaayyy more work than we had initially anticipated.

Andy and I began by taking out the old mattress and taking down all the curtains. There were a few loose papers and miscellaneous things lying about that we removed as well. We began piling it all up in our garage to figure out later. Then we went to the seating area to pull out the old cushions. And that’s when things started to get ugly. Underneath not one but both of the seat benches, was what appeared to be a large bag of cat food that had been dumped out. Not stored and then ripped and spilled. DUMPED. OUT. The bag itself was nowhere to be seen, but the giant heap of old cat food could not be unseen. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, as we began shop-vaccing the heck out of it we discovered that during its time under the bench it had been converted into a lovely ant pile/rat house combination.

The night grew dark and ran late as we proceeded to pull out every drawer and unit and shelf and thing that could be pulled out of poor sick Roameo. We did not stop until we had shop vacc’d every reachable corner, made several more gruesome discoveries, chucked a bug bomb in there, slammed all the doors and ran for it. On one hand we felt very accomplished and proud of all we had done, and on the other hand we felt the dread of all that there really was left to do…..

Everything always seems brighter and less frightening in the morning sunshine. When we returned to Roameo the next day, we found him much cleaner and less bug filled than the previous night. We threw away the remnants of the bug bomb and did another vacuum pass. (That shop vac turned out to be a more useful tool than we could have ever imagined, the project literally could not be done without it).

At this point we began tackling some harder-to-remove-but-desparately-needed-out-of-there items, i.e., the shower unit. It was yellow, excuse me, PARCHMENT. Andy and I quickly discovered that 99% of RV accessories come in two colors: white, and parchment. Parchment sounds pretty cool in theory but in reality just looks like it used to be white. I’m sorry to all you parchment fans out there, but we just do NOT get that one! And of course all of Roameo’s innards were done in parchment.

So we unscrewed all the screws, exact-o-knife’d all the rubbery sealant strips out from around the edges, and began to gently pry it violently force it out. After the second gallon of sweat started pouring we figured we were throwing it in the trash anyway so EFF IT. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more like a savage warlord as I did when we finally cast that crappy plastic shell out of the trailer door and out into the yard.

We would later realize that brand new RV tubs/shower surrounds were not even remotely in our budget, but that’s another chapter.

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