June 7th, 2015

Once again, the morning brought with it fresh hope and dreams of a beautifully re-done travel trailer. In the light of a new day, our amateur handiwork didn’t look too shabby at all! After all, we were only beginners! This was only our very first project! We allowed our hearts to be refilled with determination and optimism. And the important part, we told ourselves, was that the thing was STURDY. We would be covering up all the interior beams with fresh insulation and paneling anyway. Who cared if the craftsmanship on the inside was a little sub-par? At least the it wouldn’t be falling apart anytime soon. (We took some time to add extra security to the front end, a little more glue, a few more screws, just to make extra double sure.)

At some point we decided to haul all of the cabinetry out in order to begin the work that needed to be done on those, as repainting cabinets is an entire project in itself. We’ve decided we want to paint everything a clean, bright white, with gold hardware and dark wood flooring. So the cabinets need to be white! We unscrewed every hinge, handle, and drawer track out of Roameo, which turned out to be quite a lot, and got to work prepping for painting. Removing all the handles was very repetitive and weary work, but we got everything detached and soaking in a bowl of vinegar water before too long. The next step was cleaning everything and scraping the wallpaper out of the bottoms of the drawers. Yet another unexpectedly grueling task. By the time we wrapped up the cleaning phase we were totally spent. We pulled all the doors and drawers inside our house and left them in our kitchen to revisit with a paint brush another day.

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