June 22nd, 2015

The more we dig into Roameo the more we are realizing that our trailer re-model has turned into a trailer re-build-the-whole-damn-thing. We’ve embraced it though and are so looking forward to finishing this crazy endeavor together, (whether it’s the last thing we do or not).

As we walk around on the floors we are noticing more and more spots that need to be replaced. As well as 3 of the 4 bottom corners of the wall. And the entire roof  and ceiling. We are salvaging everything that we can from Roameo in order to repurpose later and save us some cash. We don’t want to purchase any more than we have to, and there is a quite a lot of paneling and trim that is in perfectly usable condition. We are just dismantling a section, piling it in either the garage to use for later, or by the trash, and repeating.

Another fun detail about Roameo is that he came without a title. We put off getting the title for way longer than we should have, but did eventually manage to get our trailer titled and registered in our name. A way larger accomplishment than we anticipated. We now understand why it’s common practice to not even consider a vehicle that is being sold without its title. Because whatever it is, it is not worth the ensuing headache, and possible chance of not even being able to legally register it in your name. We were very fortunate to be successful in this aspect, especially considering we’ve already put a great deal of time and money into our little trailer and have grown quite attached (which we definitely should not have done). We were literally given a piece of paper at the DMV that was basically a scavenger hunt for forms we’d never heard of, that all required different information and appraisals and prerequisites and on and on. It took us 2 full days and 1 mental breakdown, but we finally sprinted across the finish lines minutes before the office closed for the day, and were awarded the title for our junky baby. Not fun.

If you are like us and can’t resist the temptation of buying a super sketchy title-less travel trailer, just make sure that getting that title is the FIRST thing you do. PERIOD. We were fortunate enough to secure our title but if we weren’t, it would have meant that the previous owner could show up at any time and demand Roameo back. We wouldn’t ever be able to prove he was ours for anything. Not a very nice thought, especially considering all the work we want to put into him (other than that, we fully support shady Craigslist deals).


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