So, remember when I said I got to be 100% in charge of our route + itinerary for Andy’s B-day/Roameo’s First roadtrip? Well, I may have responded a little, shall we say… over-enthusiastically. Too much responsibility isn’t always a good thing. Turns out, I maaay have packed too many miles and stops into too small of a timeframe.

Our first stop was Robber’s Cave State Park where the infamous Jesse James once hid out, and which SHOULD have only taken four and a half hours. Karissa the Expert Trip Planner however didn’t take into account a super late departure time, the fact that we drive much slower with Roameo in tow, and the unpredictable factor that we would hit Dallas rush hour traffic on our way out of Texas. We didn’t arrive at our campsite until almost midnight. We were exhausted, and pretty much just parked and passed out. The next morning however, was truly worth it all. I snapped our first shot of a Roameo inhabited campsite, we made breakfast, and went on the hike up to Robber’s Cave. Mercifully it was a relatively short hike, or I don’t think we would have ever made it to northern Arkansas, which of course was our destination for that very night. Wednesday we woke up in a secluded, completely deserted campsite deep in the middle of the Ozark National Forest, exhausted from another late night of driving but thrilled to pull our boots on and see the wonders of the forest. At this point I realized that I had not printed off a map of hiking points, I had no idea where Whittaker Point was (our main goal for the trip), and our cell service was less than zero, dashing any hope of a helpful Google search. Luckily, after some driving around we found a ranger’s station and were kindly pointed in the direction of the hike’s entrance. That hike was the highlight of our trip. Truthfully, it was much longer than we anticipated, but the views at the end were so worth it!! We live for those kinds of overlooks. It was gorgeous. We spent awhile hanging out on the cliff, and by the time we had hiked back to our car it was almost dusk. We had our first truly lovely relaxing evening in Roameo over dinner, drinks, and our first love Skip-Bo. The next morning we took our time waking up and having coffee at our campsite before driving back to Oklahoma for one more night, and then back home on Friday.

Our original itinerary looked like this:

Monday: Hillsboro to Robber’s Cave State Park, Oklahoma
Tuesday: Robber’s Cave to the Ozark National Forest with a quick stop by Devil’s Den National Park in Oklahoma
Wednesday: Explore the forest, hike to The Glory Hole (a unique waterfall in a cave….) and hike to Whittaker’s Point
Thursday: Scenic drive through the Ouachita National Forest to Beaver’s Bend Oklahoma
Friday: Leave Beaver’s Bend for home

We never found The Glory Hole, barely caught one scenic overlook that displayed the beautiful Ouachita National Forest as we booked it back to Oklahoma on Thursday, and skipped Devil’s Den entirely.

Even still, it was an AMAZING trip, and getting to spend the night in Roameo in the forest at long last was such an incredible experience. Our very first roadtrip with our travel trailer! Looking back, it feels like we barely survived it and I see a million things that could have gone very wrong, but that’s what experience is for right? We definitely learned a lot, and will be much more prepared for our next trip! I can’t wait!


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