Andy and I love to do really big things really spontaneously. We can mope in the car for an hour trying to decide what to eat for lunch, but decide in a split second if we should drive 24 hours without a break to surprise my sister for her 21st birthday.

My little sister always visits my older brother in Orlando for several weeks during her summer break from school, which is cool. But this summer was the summer that she turned 21, and I wasn’t about to be left behind in Texas for that. So after vaguely deflecting her prying for a few weeks if we were going to make it out to celebrate with her, Andy and I hopped in the Honda, and made our way along the coast down to Orlando. We had let my brother know ahead of time that we would be there, so when we arrived he just opened the door and we walked in like we lived down the street. My sister just stared at us like we were apparitions or something. It was rad.

We were there for four full days, during which we swam with manatees, rode every ride at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, went to the fanciest karaoke bar in the south, danced all night in downtown Orlando, and got so much sibling love time in. It was wonderful and magical and one of my favorite trips.

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