I don’t think that it needs to be written here, but guys Nashville is AWESOME. Andy and I have stayed in the city one other time: last summer to help our then-engaged friends make some vendor choices. We fell in love then and we were proved right to have done so this time. The food and the atmosphere are one thing, but what really make Music City is, duh, the music. Live music in literally every bar/pub/honkytonk/restaurant you come across. And all the musicians are good. Like, really good. We love music and dancing and karaoke, and so we love Nashville. It was a beautiful city for our friends to get married in, and everything was so strangely and wonderfully perfect. It was forecast to rain on the outdoor ceremony, and instead was sunny with just the right amount of cloud cover for spectacular photography. I wasn’t able to capture too much of the weekend, but am looking forward to some amazing photos from the photographer in the next several weeks to be able to share!






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